Traditional Art

What is “Traditional Art”?

In short, tradition art is the class pen and paper to create art. Many animators start off in the 2D setting. Walt Disney, James Baxter and Don Bluth all has their influences to the media and today’s animation.

What Kind of Art Have I Done?

I have done a lot of practice in tradition art for maybe about a good 10 years and over the course of the of those years I’ve gotten through a lot of different sketchbook. Here is one example of one of the things I’ve created in the past, it is not much but it gives an understand of where I was at in life.

Some Struggles I Had

One of the biggest struggles I had was that I never knew when to stop drawing. When I was younger I kept going non-stop, trying to perfect my craft daily. Little did I realize, is that I was going to go through some serious pain on my left write. I began cramping up around my left wrist because I kept my hand in a scrunched up position. The led me to getting a splint in my arm for a well so that way it can recover.

I’ve definitely learned my lesson back then which resulted in me not drawing much because of it in fear that I might go on a streak on creative highs like what I once did years ago.