Digital Art

My Experiences with Adobe

So far Adobe has been really fun for me to use I have not only learned a lot coming out of the classes I take but I get to create amazing pieces like this. It took a lot of time to understand some of the tools and work arounds of how the program work.

Some Struggles I’ve Had..

Some of the biggest struggles I’ve had with Adobe is sometimes the tools and how they properly work. I started with Adobe Illustrate first before moving to Photoshop and some of the tools from both programs might not do the same thing that another did. To me it is like re-learning a video game, trying to remember what buttons did what and not every button does the same thing like the last. Photoshop definitely felt like that to me.

Adobe Illustrate was no walk in the park either, but in all honestly it was fault for this. When I first started learning Illustrate I messed up in the beginning because I accidently bought on outdated book for my class which made it really difficult to follow. Most of the material was the same and it taught the same content but it was in different chapters and some tools were outdated by the time the newest version of Illustrate was release. However, I managed to pull through and understand the program just fine.

Future Projects

This year I will be taking another Photoshop class to keep my skill sharp. I really like to mess around in Photoshop and I even made some small project pieces of my own for fun. As for personal projects I intent to learn programs like Blender for the fun of it and see where that takes me as I figure out the tools and tricks the program has to offer.

Blender is a free program that anyone can use! Try it out if your interested.