About Us

What is this place?

This website is an Art Portfolio, a collective place to show off different art I have done over the course of the 2022-2023 academic year. I strive to grow as an artist and I want to expand the different art forms as much as I can and what better way to capture it all by creating a website.

Why an Art Portfolio?

The reason why I choose an Art Portfolio is because I’ve always been a big fan of art and most importantly animation. I want to record my progress from the past and share what I have learned up to this point especially when it what during a time where the world seemingly slowed down. With this art portfolio I can see where my passion shifts and turns throughout the years.

About the Author

Alianna Montes
Alianna Montes

I am an aspiring art student that wants to make a living out of my hobby. I try to grow everyday to push the barrier on how I create art.

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